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Tag lagi =)


Okay, dpat tag lagi. kali ni dari orang budakk cute , thanx dear kasi tag ni ke yara ngeh ngeh. Orait ckap bnyak ponn tak guna , let's start now.


RULES : Once you've been tagged ,you're supposed to write a note with 100 TRUTH about you.At the end , choose 25 people to be tagged .You have to tag the person who tagged you .Tagged means " I'm interested in knowing what your 100 truth are ".

Real name : putri fieyara qalesha
Nickname : yara @ fie
Zodiac sign : entah r , x check n ta na tao un
Male or female : 100% Female 
Elementary school : SKBD
Highschool : x de ag lorh
College : InsyaAllah, tak lama msuk lahh tu. ngehngeh
Hair colour : red + Black = lawa tak? huahuaa *grau jee
Tall or short : tall
Sweat or jeans : Jeans
Phone or Camera : Dua-2 bolehh kan?
Health freak : No
Orange or apple : Apple *Orange ponn bolehh
Do you have a crush on someone? :yes ! bf aq ley an ? ngee
Eat or drink : Boths
Piercings : No
Pepsi or coke : Coke


Been in an airplane : many times seyh ! hehe
Been in relationship : yes !
Been in a car accident : No ! *keter api de laa ..ngee
Been a fist fight : Tak ada lahh 15


First household chores : Entah laaa, tak ingat.
First best friend : Efa syarifah
First award : x de pon ..ngee
First crush : m.e.a
First word : 55
First section : 55
Last person you talked to in person : My bro
Last persom you texted :  My bro n mr adam ;)
Last person tou watched a movie with : mr adam gk 15
Last food you ate : pizza
Last movie you watched : harry potter
Last song you listen to : Lagu lam blog ni, haha
Last thing you bought : Handphone
Last person you hugged : My cat *not person lahh


Food : Hot Plate
Drink : papew je lakh
Bottoms : Err, jeans kott
Flower : Of course lahh rose
Animal : Cats and Rabbits
Colour : Pink, Blue, Purple, Rainbow :)
Movie : harry potter
Subject : math 6

57 (Put an X in the bracket if yes)

[x] falling in love with someone.
[] celebrate Halloween
[x] had your heart broken
[x] went over the minutes/ texts on your cellphone
[] had someone question my sexual orientation
[] got pregnant
[] had an abortion
[x] did something i regret
[x] broke a promise
[x] hide a secret
[x] pretend to be happy
[] met someone who changed your life
[] pretend to be sick
[] left the country
[x] try something you normally wouldn'ttry and liked it
[] cried over the silliest thing
[] ran a mile
[x] when to the beach with your bestfriend
[] got into an argument with your friend
[x] hated someone
[] stayed single for a whole year


Eating : yeahhh
Drinking : yappp
Listening to : *suara arnab aku kott, hahaa
Sitiing or laying : sitting
Plan for today : Nak ngadap lappy smpai mata lebam.
Waiting : nothing.


Want kids ? : Yes Of course *gatall, haha
Want to get married : Err, no comment.
Career : doctor


Lips or eyes : Eyes
Shorter or taller : taller
Romantic or spontaneous : Spontaneous
Nice stomach or nice arms : Nice stomach , hahaa
Hook -up or relationship : i dunno lahh.
Looks or personality : Personality


Lost glasses/contacts :  No
Snuck out of a house : Of course No
Held a gun/knife for self defense : No
Killed somebody : Woishh, never lahh
Broken somebody heart :  Hmm, maybe yess
Been in love : yes!
Cried when someoned died : Yes *harus laaa, hati batu ke apa if tak nanges. haha


Yourself : Yes !
Miracles : I guess so
Love at first sight : donoe
Heaven : Yes
Santa claus : Tak percaya lngsung ! haha
Superstition : No
Kiss on the first date : Kite Islam wak, mana main kiss kiss ni. hahaa 15


Is there one person you want to be with right now ?
- I think No !

Do you know who your real friends are ?
- Yes I know.

Do you believe in God ?
- Yeahh, i  Allah

Post as 100 truths ?
- A'aah laa, semestinyaa.

p/s : sesiapaa yg TER-baca entry yara kali ni sila ambikkk tau tau !